Agencement Kano

La finesse du temps

The upper part of the space is occupied by the mill, the column, the double arch and the
pendulum, the flower and the lung. The lightweight structures made of carbon fibre and paper
acquire their shape by bending in certain places, following the hybrid principles of active-
bending and tensegrity.
The sails, ethereal and weightless, keep time with the rhythm of their movements –
oscillating, rotating, opening, and compressing/retracting.
Time is marked layer by layer on the ground, in sedimentary islands that correspond to each
sail: the island of the mill, the atoll of the tower, the island of the pendulum or the cuttlefish,
the island of the flower, and the island of the lung.
The islands are carved from blue-grey Bateig azul stone, a type of limestone sourced from
Alicante, Spain using high-pressure water jets. Their fragmented forms and varied heights
bear witness to the sedimentation of marine organisms over a period of 15 million years.
The sails and islands come together to form a kinetic garden, a mobile ensemble both taut
with lightness and heaviness, and in a state of perpetual balance between stillness and motion.
On both sides of the installation, the display case for The Engineer’s Child (L’enfant de
l’ingénieur) comes to life through magnetised systems of attraction and repulsion in a
mechanical ballet of coloured paper.
This marks the Agencement Kano’s first established project in Barcelona and was designed as
part of the exhibition The Finesse of Time by Hermès Horloger for Watches and Wonders
2023 in Geneva.

The Agencement Kano operates at the intersection of architecture, engineering, art, and
cinema, bringing together a range of materials and individuals with diverse expertise and skill sets.
The Agencement Kano avoids rigid structures and instead forms project-specific teams.
Its symbol is the junction, its vocation, the bridge.
From death to birth, it draws the channels of a tapestry that open onto an idea in
which the form is to be understood as a journey, as a process, and not as an end.
Founded by Clément Vieille in 2019 in Tourcoing, Agencement Kano has been based in Barcelona since 2022.

Passatge d’Alio 10
08037 Barcelona

Agencement Kano © 2023

Graphic design by Cédric Pierre
Development by Olivier J.

La Finesse du Temps 2023

Anna Solà Hernández Albert Xavier Brumwell Clément Vieille Joris Petellaz Daniel Peñaranda Restrepo Pol Dieste Victor Vieille Igor Vuleta Claudi Codina Ona Balló Pedragosa Julia Borderie Eloïse Le Gallo Max Borderie Marina Herlop Lorenzo Targhetta Aurore Toulon Sarah-Anaïs Desbenoit

Tencylinder, 2020

Clément Vieille AEA (Filippo Broggini, Felix Staemplfi) Landolf Rhodes Barbarigos EPFL (Professeur Keller) Avec l’aide de Martin Vieille, Joris Petellaz

Agencement kano, 2019

Clément Vieille en dialogue avec Patrick Jouin Ona Balló Pedragosa Yohei Yamakado Equipe du Fresnoy

Qui sème sa muse 2018

Clément Vieille avec l' aide d’Hervé Vieille Equipe du Fresnoy

5 Fragments d'une spirale 2018

Armand Joly Daniel Peñaranda Restrepo Clément Vieille Paul Mignard Michel Giroud Villa dei Cedri Juan Pablo Villegas Eve Aboulkheir Felix Rhem

Au déploiement 2017

Daniel Peñaranda Restrepo Clément Vieille Jaime Muñoz Avec l'aide de Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Quisque mattis